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1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle
1956 Oval Beetle

1956 Oval Beetle


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’56 Oval VW Beetle 

Price: £12.995

Mileage: 14603 

Body: 1956 left-hand drive Oval window Beetle 

Interior: Original, factory cloth seats and headlining

Engine: 1200cc

Suspension: Narrowed linkpin beam, dropped spindles; rear end turned on splines

Brakes: Early wide-5 VW drums front and back 

Wheel and tyres: Porsche Fuchs replicas detailed by Andy the Paint with 135 R15 and 195 / 65 / R15

The car: Some dullard once called football a game of two halves, but he could just have easily have been talking about this super-original, Swedish Oval. Sat inside, you’re presented with a deep glossy dashboard that could have painted yesterday; the exterior however, is an entirely different kettle of fish. And let’s not even get into how fantastic it smells in here…

This is a car that wears every one of its 61 years on its sleeve. Discovered by the Belgian VW specialists, BBT and then shipped the UK by a previous owner, it had clearly sat idle somewhere in Sweden for some time. Depending on your point of view, those years had taken their toll, or worked their magic on the exterior.

While this Beetle has plenty of character, it’s not rusty. Far from it in fact. This is a rare survivor car that oozes character from every angle. Sure, the original carpets are a little frilly around the edges and the chrome on the rear bumper looks like chewed tinfoil, but everything, bar the wheels and suspension has been on the car for over six decades. So if that doesn’t get you excited, she’s probably not the one for you.

The same goes for the ride height. There isn’t any. This car has a stance to die for and looks hard as nails hunkered down over the fat and thin Porsche Fuchs. (Although could be taken back up to stock height, or somewhere in between, if the new owner fancies)

It’s chock full of cool little details that point to its Scandinavian origins, like the Stimsonite rear reflectors, an Eberspacher petrol heater and a deck lid plaque revealing it was supplied by HABIL Halsingborg.

Under that decklid you’ll find a stock 1200 with the early style, solid pedestal generator mount.

If character and patina is your thing, this car has it by the barrelful.




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