1979 Karmann Cabriolet Only 685 Miles!!

This 1979 LHD Florida Blue Karmann Cabriolet Beetle shouts sunshine and smiles. 

In the middle of September 2018 this 1979 Florida Blue Karmann Cabriolet Beetle arrived in the UK from the USA.
It had been shipped from Germany in 1979 to the US and then driven for only 685 miles, yes only 685 miles!!
When it arrived in the UK in 2018 the Cabriolet was in need of a few little jobs to get it perfect as it had't been stored with much care.
A new hood was fitted and the car had a refresh of the amazing colour Florida Blue, it had a mechanical check, of course being a Volkswagen it is still like a new car.
There is unfortunately no history to back up the car but just one glance and you can see and appreciate this is a genuine low mileage car, ready to make your own history.
This Beetle just oozes sunshine and is in desperate need of being driven and enjoyed. 
It is yet to be registered, (all import taxes and duties have been paid) so who every fancies some sunshine will be the first registered owner in the UK.

So, we are incredibly lucky to have one of the last Karmann Cabriolet Beetles in the most amazing colour (Florida Blue) with a cream hood. Does it get much better?

Available for £49,995

Information can be seen at www.Type2Detectives.com
Or call 01638 743211