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Sale Fully restored 1966 Squareback

Fully restored 1966 Squareback


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’66 Squareback

Body: US spec Type 3 Variant in L282 Lotus White 

Interior: Brown ‘fat biscuit’ vinyl

Engine: 1641cc pancake engine

Suspension: Lowered Type 3 running gear 

Brakes: Front discs and rear drums. 

Wheel and tyres: Stock 5-bolt steels with 145 / 65 R15 and 165 / 80 R15 tyres 

The car:

When a previous customer came looking for a “Show quality Type 3 with white paint and five-bolt steel wheels” this is precisely what they got.

The starting point was finding the right car to begin with, and it came in the form of a US import ’66 that was stripped to a bare body and floorpan. These were blasted to bare metal and the few areas of metalwork the body shell required were attended to before it was treated to a fresh coat of L282 VW Lotus White.

Replacement rear floorpans were grafted in and the entire ’pan was primed and painted in gloss two pack black – achieving a far nicer finish than VW ever managed.

This was then built up with top quality components. We’re talking one of Custom & Speed Parts excellent front disc brake conversions and a ‘Freeway Flyer’ swing-axle transmission for more relaxed cruising.

At this point, the car received a narrowed Type 1 / Beetle beam and air-ride, but you can’t beat the way a Type 3 drives from the factory, so this has recently been returned to a standard Type 3 set-up, albeit with a couple of twists to the splines for a more purposeful stance.
Another area that could be improved upon was the engine. There’s nothing wrong with 1600cc, but 2007cc is undoubtedly better, and so a larger capacity motor with Weber 40IDF carburettors was built in-house.

Inside, the original headliner was replaced and the custom upholstery – teak brown ‘fat biscuit’ vinyl – was expertly stitched together by Chris Lyons at Trimming Tonic.

Now back in stock at Type 2 Detectives, it’s a lot of show and go for the money.



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