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Sale 1976 Volkswagen Trekker

1976 Volkswagen Trekker


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Volkswagen 1976 Trekker.

Who doesn’t love a cool utility vehicle? This Trekker ticks that box, big style. Volkswagen Type 181’s, (Things as they are known in the US) were built between 1968 and 1979 initially for the West German Military and then NATO.

Volkswagen also saw an opportunity, off the back of the popularity of Beach Buggies in the US, that there was an opportunity for a fun, off road vehicle and from 1971 they were sold to the general public.

Initially built around the Beetle mechanicals with the reduction boxes and swing axle suspension of the Split Screen Camper vans, in 1973 the Trekker got the much advanced IRS semi-trailing arms set up (as this model has) as used on the 1303 Beetle.       

This particular European model Trekker is no doubt one of the best around. With satin brown paintwork and Porsche Pasha interior, this Trekker is detailed to a very high level, running a 1600cc engine and with full weather gear (roof and side panels) this is without a doubt an exceptionally nice example.

Supplied with a full service and MOT, if you would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact us on or 01638 743211 



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