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Sale 1977 LHD Late Bay Westfalia Camper

1977 LHD Late Bay Westfalia Camper


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’77 Bay Window Camper Price: £21,995 

Body: Left-hand drive Bay Window Camper

Interior: Modernised Westfalia Campmobile Engine: 2-litre pancake

Suspension: Mildly lowered with front air shocks 

Brakes: Factory original discs on the front and rear drums 

Wheel and tyres: Painted steel wheels with hubcaps

The car:

Avocado coloured bathrooms, tartan flares, space hoppers and Taiga Green Bay Window Campers. No other decade could have given birth to such gloriously fashionable (at the time) style statements.

Fortunately, retro is cool and few things are as retro, or scream the 1970s as much as a Kermit coloured Bay Window. This one is further enhanced with old-school brown and beige side stripes and accessory rubbing strips. The majority of the paint work to which they’re attached harks back to the days when this Bus was new, although there is evidence of more recent blow ins here and there. But it’s on the inside where more obvious work can be seen. The original Westfalia tartan upholstery has been replaced with more hardwearing, and eye catching green and white vinyl. It’s a case of new meeting old in order to enhance what was already there. Much like the Camping interior. This Westy left the factory as a Campmobile, but a modern Dometic sink unit has replaced the original item, making it a more user-friendly proposition for today’s camper fan. With its mildly lowered suspension and upgraded interior, it’s a characterful blend on new and old that’s ready for the next adventure.

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