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Sale 1968 Custom Bay Window (Sick Bay)

1968 Custom Bay Window (Sick Bay)


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Custom Bay Window Price: £42,500

Body: Savannah Beige and Chocolate Brown Custom Bay Window 

Interior: Custom plaid Microbus Engine: 1914cc

Suspension: Narrowed link pin beam with Full Air-Ride set-up 

Brakes: Willwood front discs and rear drums 

Wheel and tyres: Detailed 17-inch Fuchs and low profile tyres

The car:

Modification is a tricky thing. It takes more than skill with a welder to build something that looks right and all works together - it takes vision and a flair for design. Chip Foose has it (most of the time) and we reckon this is exactly the sort of treatment he’d apply if he was let loose on a Bay Window. This recent US import has been on the receiving end of a boatload of work, but not all of it is immediately obvious to the untrained eye. And that, as we all know is the secret to really good modification.

If you’re down on your Split Screens you’ll have clocked the bullet front indicators that have replaced the factory items. And then there’s the Deluxe trim. Again, this would have originally called a pre-’67 Split Screen home.

The front and rear bumpers have been smoothed out for a cleaner look, but the piece de resistance on this Bus is the dashboard. It’s been fitted with a metal dash taken from a Split and modified to fit the larger / wider Bay Window interior. On paper, it shouldn’t work, but in the flesh it looks like something Volkswagen could, and should have offered. The 17-inch Fuchs tuck nicely under the tubbed front arches and right behind them you’ll find front discs with Wilwood calipers, dropped spindles and a narrowed link pin beam.

This Bus runs low, but it rides nicely too, thanks to a full air-ride set up and a stout 1914cc engine.

Having recently arrived on these shores from the US of A its been meticulously gone through by the Type 2 Detectives workshop and thanks to its mega spec you can guarantee whoever buys it next will be on the receiving end of mega amounts of attention.

It would make a killer prom or wedding vehicle.


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