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Sale IRS Kit



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Suspension and transmission


Our IRS kit comes with our own T2D adjustable spring plates, precision made bolt and weld on A arm brackets , gaskets and hub seals, heavy duty drive shafts, T2D shock mounts and handbrake cable sleeves. This kit is perfect for customers that don’t want to go really low (upto 4″”) or want a more standard ride height. Because it comes with adjustable spring plates, you can fine tune the ride height and also remove the back wheel with ease, a job which is almost impossible on lowered buses running fixed spring plates. You will also need to purchase the following donor parts:Type 1, 3, or Porsche 944 A arms; IRS gearbox; CV joints (type 1); Rear brake kit; T2D Custom made handbrake cables; Hardware kit; New wheel bearings.

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