1966 SO42 Split Screen "Race Support Camper"

1966 SO42 Split Screen Camper - Race Support Camper

Body: Right-hand drive SO42

Interior: Original SO42

Engine: 2.3 litre Twin carb built by Wolfsburg Performance Services (WPS)

Suspension: IRS Conversion

Brakes: Uprated CSP Front Disc brakes and Servo and rear drums

Wheel and tyres: Wide 5 356 Style steel wheels 

This really has got to be up there with one of the coolest looking Split Screen around. Driven all across Europe and the UK. With original interior re-trimmed in the traditional plaid fabric and with history everywhere in the bus in the form of the most amazing stickers, it is such an evocative place to be.

This bus though is not just show. It has a Wolfsburg Performance Services (WPS) Engine built to 2.3 litres spec with Weber carbs.

Type 2 Detectives IRS Conversion, CSP Disc, Dual circuit brakes along with a Servo. Bilstein Shocks all round, new tyres and rims. Owned and improved over the past 12 years and as mentioned used extensively which as we all know is the best thing that can be done, (the more they are used, the better they are).

If you are after a solid used and well looked after Split Screen, mechanically sound with all the right parts, and look as cool as this then look no further.

For further information, or better still to come and have a look, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01638 743211 or email info@type2detectives.com