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Sale 1955 Genuine Patin'd Oval Beetle

1955 Genuine Patin'd Oval Beetle


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1955 Oval Beetle Ragtop

Body: Left-hand drive 1955 Oval Beetle

Interior: Original Seats and Trim

Suspension: Stock

Brakes: Stock, drums front and rear

Wheel and tyres: Stock Steels

The car:

What classes as Patina is pretty objective, however this particular Oval Beetle can proudly shout about having bucket loads of "genuine" patina"!

This a bone stock 1955 Oval with the most amazing finish. Mother nature has done her stuff by removing the top layer of paint and leaving this amazing finish. the door shuts, under the bonnet and engine lid as you would hope and expect are showing the original Strato Blue. Photos don't really do the Beetle justice as it's hard to capture the contrast.

The Body and pan have been split and the pan has been blasted and painted. The running gear has been left as stock. It has the correct size engine with the built in pedestal for the dynamo, it runs and stops and just needs a small amount of work to get it through an MOT for registering. The title and documents are in place to register the vehicle.

This really will make the most amazing Oval. Its just crying out for big brakes, big motor and.... well, where your imagination will take you! 

If you’re looking for the Patina look you couldn’t ask for more.


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