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Sale 1962 Deluxe Split Screen Microbus

1962 Deluxe Split Screen Microbus


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1962 Deluxe VW Split Screen Microbus

Body: 23-window 1962 VW Split Screen 

Interior: Red leather 8-seater Microbus

Engine: Detailed 2110cc with gold-plated Weber IDFs

Suspension: Lowered. 4-inch narrowed front beam with dropped spindles and straight axle rear, Rancho Performance gearbox 

Brakes: Porsche Turbo discs and Type 3 rear drums 

Wheel and tyres: Detailed Porsche Fuchs 

The car:

The undisputed king of Split Screen Buses is the Deluxe sunroof and this 23-window version from 1962, (October 1961 build date) has been taken to the next level, and beyond.

This split screen bus was imported from the US some seven years ago, it was subjected to extensive body restoration by the previous owner and was painted in the stunning combination of black and white. It was then delivered to our Cambridge workshop as a bare shell on a trolley where all of mechanical work was completed in-house.

The running gear has been upgraded and improved throughout and now consists of a four-inch narrowed front beam with dropped spindles and Porsche Turbo brakes on the front, and a straight axle conversion running a Rancho Performance gearbox and Type 3 big brakes out back.

The bigger brakes were necessary to cope with the additional horsepower from the 2110cc engine.

The bus is a work of art in itself, with black, polished and gold detailing for a ‘murdered-out’ look. This is a split screen bus with go, show and woah in one complete package.

Black is a notoriously difficult colour to paint anything, never mind an old Type 2, as it shows up every dent, ding and imperfection. So, it’s testament to the quality of workmanship throughout, that the exterior is arrow straight.

The black lower portion is further enhanced by the polished Deluxe trim and stainless steel pop-out windows, front Safari windscreens and detailed Porsche Fuchs wheels.

The interior lives up to the standards set by the exterior. Oxblood leather upholstery, a woodrim steering wheel and short-throw Gene Berg locking gear shifter are the cherry on the cake. This Deluxe does not disappoint. Price on application and worth every single penny.


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