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Sale 1966 13 Window Deluxe Split Screen VW Camper

1966 13 Window Deluxe Split Screen VW Camper


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1966 13 Window Deluxe Split Screen VW camper van

Price: £39,995 

Body: 1966 Walk through Split Screen 

Interior: Rock and Roll Bed, Cooker and Sink

Engine: Twin carb 1835cc

Suspension: Stock Suspension

Brakes: Stock brakes with servo upgrade

Wheel and tyres: Original Steels with White wall tyres

The van:

There’s something about 13-window Splitscreens. They are a rare commodity and that is hard to beat. When they look as good as this one and that ticks about everyones box.

Sea blue and white is always a great combination of colours for a Split screen but one that has had care an attention applied over the last couple of years along with a smart, clean and very functional interior is exceptionally hard to beat. 

Originally a U.S Californian Camper the van was imported a few years ago and has been very well looked after. It now runs a subtly upgraded engine albeit with its original classic running gear.




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