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Sale 1966 Savannah Beige Beetle

1966 Savannah Beige Beetle


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’66 Beetle


Body: Right-hand drive Savannah Beige Beetle 

Interior: Red Salt ’n’ Pepper vinyl upholstery

Engine: 1300 single port

Suspension: Stock VW torsion bar 

Brakes: Factory original drums, front and rear 

Wheel and tyres: Painted steel wheels with hubcaps and Vredstein Sprint Classic tyres 

The car:

It’s hard to imagine walking into a showroom and ordering any new car in beige. And yet, when it comes to this beautifully presented ’66, Savannah Beige is simply the perfect colour for it.

Bar the modern (but very useful) head-unit in the dashboard, this is as near as you can get to driving a proper classic Beetle off the VW forecourt in the year England were last any good at football.

Fortunes have been kinder to this particular example than our national team, because it’s fresh out of a full restoration and looks superb in every detail.

It was restored by Luke Theochari at Terry’s Beetle Services, and if you know Volkswagens, you’ll know that’s only ever a really good thing.

The entire car looks factory fresh - not overly restored - just exactly how it should be. With perfect paint, new trim and rubbers throughout, the doors open and close with a reassuring Germanic ‘thunk’ and you’ll be just as happy once you’re inside, too.

All of the upholstery is new, with red TMI seat covers and door cards in the correct-for-year colour way and pattern. The headliner has clearly been replaced, as have the carpets and mats, so it’s obvious no stone was left unturned when this car was rebuilt.

It is every bit as tidy underneath, and in the engine bay.


Stock right-hand drive ’60s Beetles in this sort of condition are a rare and incredibly welcome sight, and with just 71,682 miles on the clock, we reckon that’s probably genuine mileage, so many more would / should be swallowed with ease.

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