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Sale 1967 "Old School" Cal Look Beetle

1967 "Old School" Cal Look Beetle


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1967 LHD "Old School" Cal Look Beetle 
Price: £24,995
Body: 1967 LHD Beetle Saloon
Interior: Brown Cloth with brown carpets
Engine: 2165cc with 48IDA Weber Carbs
Brakes: Front Discs with Rear drums
Back in the day... mid to late 80's the cal look "scene" hit the UK big time. Having a Beetle de-trimmed, one piece windows and stand off's was pretty damn cool. This Beetle is one of those cars that take you straight back there.
First up this car is stunning. Its looks are subtle in it's beige paintwork but maybe its the one piece windows, the Porsche replica "Gas Burner" wheels, maybe its the obligatory engine lid standoff's, or most probably its the stance!
This Beetle is sure to bring a wide smile to your face, this is a fast bug!
The Bug may be a solid, rust free example but the piece de resistance has to be the engine. Built to 2165cc with enormous 48 IDA Weber Carbs, its a stunning engine and has to be driven to truly appreciate it.
To find out more please contact us on 01638 743211 or email  
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