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Sale 1968 Square back

1968 Square back


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1968 Squareback "Squareblack"

This 1968 Squareback was fully rebuilt by Type 2 Detectives in 2007 and debuted at the Volksworld show in March of that year, where it won a top 10 award against some of the finest VW's Europe had to offer. The 'Squareblack', as it became referred to, went on to be featured in several international VW Magazines and won many more high profile awards. Ten years on the car remains in remarkable condition and the paintwork is a credit to the infamous Trailer Queen Restos, who worked with us in 2007 to create such a high standard and durable paint finish. In 2016 we methodically went through all of the cars running gear, including an engine rebuild and full brake and suspension update and overhaul.


New 40IDF carbs
Vintage Speed stainless steel exhaust
Porsche pattern brakes
T2D Spec narrowed beam and dropped spindles
Adjustable Spring plates
Detailed Fuchs Style wheels
Bespoke Interior in Ox blood leather with white perforated headliner and box weave carpets.






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