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1971 Fiat 500
1971 Fiat 500
1971 Fiat 500
1971 Fiat 500
1971 Fiat 500
1971 Fiat 500
1971 Fiat 500

1971 Fiat 500


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FIAT 500 1971 

Body: Left-hand drive

Interior: Factory spec vinyl

Engine: Air-cooled 594cc

Suspension: Stock

Brakes: Factory original drums

Wheel and tyres: Painted steel wheels with hubcaps

The car:
Every country has its own version of the people’s car. Germany had
the Beetle (obviously), France the 2CV, Russia had the, er Lada and
those oh-so-stylish Italians came up with the 500. What they all
have in common is they were affordable cars for the masses and
their charm and quality transcended their cheapness to build and
maintain. They were legends in their own lifetime. Well, maybe not
the Lada, but you know what we mean. And, if you know anything
at all about cars, and you obviously do or you wouldn’t be reading
this, you’ll know what a cracking little car an original 500 is.

You can park a 500 next to the most exotic super cars on the planet,
and people will still be drawn to the cheeky Italian economy car.

The only downside to the legendary 500 was its propensity to rust.
They were famed for lasting as long as cake that had been left out in
the rain, which makes finding a good one no easy task today. Suffice
to say, this one speaks for itself. Having been recently painted and
imported from Italy it’s yet to be UK registered, which means who
ever is lucky, and smart enough to buy this appreciating classic, will
be the first owner on the UK logbook. It’s a tiny car with huge appeal
and we doubt it will hang around for long.

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