1975 Left Hand Drive Karmann Convertible Beetle

1975 LHD Karmann Cabriolet VW Beetle

Body: 1975 Karmann Convertible Beetle 
Interior: Black basket Weave seats 
This particular Karmann Cabriolet is calling, it needs to be out there driven and enjoyed. 

Good Karmann Cabriolet Beetles are hard to find. Rot is usually the killer and although there are plenty that look good on the surface, dig into those places that are hard to reach and rust is sure to be apparent. It's common sense, but be careful out there as the cost to repair and bring back to life a rotten convertible to this level will no doubt end costing way more than a car ready to go like this.
This particular car has been dry stored for a few years but will be undergoing a mechanical refresh, service and a new MOT for the new owner. Its solid, it may need a little cosmetic refreshing but this is a cracking convertible Beetle.

If you would like to discuss more about this Karmann Cabriolet, please don't hesitate to get in contact, email: info@type2detectives.com or call: 01638 743211