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Sale 2002 Mexican Beetle

2002 Mexican Beetle


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2002 Mexican Beetle 

Price: £10.995

Body: 2002 Left-hand drive Mexican Beetle 

Interior: Original, factory cloth seats and headlining

Engine: 1600cc Injected

Suspension: Lowered and Narrowed front suspension beam, dropped spindles; rear end turned on splines

Brakes: Disc Brakes Front and Rear 

Wheels: Super rare Porsche Mahle BBS Mag/Alloy in 16" with 7j fronts and 8j rear.

The Car: 

2002 Mexican Beetle

Pearlescent Green Fuel Injected Beetle


This is one of the nicest looking "late" Mexican Beetles we have seen. Stunning in its rich pearlescent green, the complimentary bang up to date look Beetle, is running very rare BBS Magnesium wheels. The wheels alone are exceptionally sought after in their Porsche pattern format. Combined with the subtle graphics on the car, the 1.6 injected engine Beetle is sure to be a favourite for many people as it is a get in and drive car. 


Fuel injected 1600i Engine is super dependable and starts up and runs like you'd expect from a 2002 car. Still has that iconic Air-cooled sound, but with hydraulic lifters, EFI, Catalytic converter and loads of other modernising touches, sounds more 'refined' with less of the classic rattle sound, and goes better than any stock Air-cooled engine. Even returns an impressive MPG on a long run.
Suspension has been modified and has a 4" narrowed adjustable beam up front, drop spindles, an Eva Resto skid plate, Porsche pattern discs on the front and Porsche drilled discs at the rear.
Wheels are super rare genuine Porsche Mahle BBS Mag/Alloy in 16" with 7j fronts and 8j rear.




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