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Orange Squareback 1972
Orange Squareback 1972
Orange Squareback 1972
Orange Squareback 1972
Orange Squareback 1972
Orange Squareback 1972

Orange Squareback 1972


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’72 Squareback

Body: Brilliant Orange left-hand drive Squareback

Interior: Porsche 911 seats trimmed in black vinyl with houndstooth cloth

Engine: Stock 1600 pancake engine with twin Solex carbs. Automatic transmission

Suspension: Lowered, original Type 3 running gear

Brakes: Front discs and rear drums

Wheel and tyres: Rare VW of America Turtle Backs
The car:

When it comes to air-cooled VWs the Type 3 Squareback has always been the thinking man’s choice. Bigger and more refined than the Beetle, but smaller and without the hassle of driving (and parking) a Bus, they’re the best of both worlds.

This one rolled out of the factory in 1972 and headed to California, where it enjoyed the next 40 years soaking up the sun and what must have been an easy life.

With a little over 24,000 miles on the clock, it’s a true survivor car, with 99% original and very ’70s VW Brilliant Orange paint.

Type 3s like to rust, but this one has dodged the rust bullet and is solid in all the areas you’d want it to be. Being largely original paint, it has the odd blemish here and there, but that mean’s you won’t be afraid to jump in and enjoy it. It looks great and will make someone the perfect cruiser.

Late model Type 3s are some of the most refined and comfortable air-cooled VWs you can buy and this one has the added bonus of being a rare factory auto.
The suspension is all stock VW. It’s been lowered, but because it’s the factory running gear, still rides exactly how Volkswagen intended.

The exterior hosts a number of original dealer-fitted accessories; bumper guards, a VW of America roof rack and those period-perfect Turtle Back wheels.
Inside, you’ll find acres of room for friends, family, dogs, or whatever you want to carry. The front pews are Porsche Tombstones that have been freshly trimmed to match the rest of the interior with black vinyl and houndstooth fabric.

If you’re looking for a cool grocery-getter that’ll stand out in the supermarket car park this is it.














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