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Type 2 Detectives Gas Coffee (Beans or Filter)

Type 2 Detectives Gas Coffee (Beans or Filter)


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Beyond air-cooled Volkswagens we have another passion, Coffee!

A couple of years ago we teamed up with Gas Coffee to ensure all our customers had the opportunity to taste the magnificently roasted beans. Until now the magic blend of our coffee has only been available for customers visiting Type 2 Detectives, but we now have these limited run coffee beans. 

The unique blend is a mixture of Brazil and Sumatran coffees. Roasted to a medium roast colour.

The Brazil is naturally processed and is from the regions of Mogiana, Sul de Minas and Cerrado. It’s grown at an altitude between 800 – 1350 metres above sea level. It has a sweet aroma and brings a nutty, chocolate taste to the blend.

The Sumatran is washed coffee and comes from the Batek region of West Central Sumatra. The altitude it’s grown at is between 750 – 1500 metres above sea level. This coffee has notes of spice, herbs and chocolate.

So you are always welcome to pop in for a cup, but if you get the hankering meanwhile then this could be the answer.

1x 250g packet of beautifully roasted beans and one of our Type 2 Detectives reusable travel mugs. 



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