"The Best Dropped Spindles Money Can Buy”

SPLIT WINDOW DROPPED SPINDLES, LINK PIN TYPE: Forget adjusters on a split bus, Dropped Spindles are the best way to achieve a 3.5inch drop without compromising the ride quality and without reducing suspension travel and track rod to chassis clearance. Your bus will be lower but will ride and handle like a dream, it’s the ONLY way to go. High Quality Split Bus Dropped Spindles – £595.00 EXCHANGE; (£200 SURCHARGE WHICH WILL BE REFUNDED WHEN WE GET YOUR OLD (GOOD CONDITION) SPINDLES AND ARMS BACK.

Our spindles are built to a very high spec and come with the following: New seals, new thrust washers, new grease nipples, new kin pin bushes, recon king pins, ali grease cap, 3-1/2 inch drop, reversed track rod tapers to accept larger track rod ends, fully greased and ready to fit.

Please select correct year when ordering.