Straight Axle Kit (Split Screen)

Our straight axle kits comes with our own Type 2 Detectives adjustable spring plates, correct length axle tubes, gaskets and hub seals.

This kit is perfect for customers that want to go really low (4″”+) and because it comes with adjustable spring plates, you can fine-tune the ride height and also remove the back wheel with ease, a job which is almost impossible with fixed spring plates.

You will also need to purchase the following donor parts:

  • Straight axle type 1 gearbox*
  • Wide 5 brake kit
  • Type 2 detectives custom made handbrake cables
  • New wheel bearings
  • New wheel bearing covers 311 501 311 (from a 61-65 bug or direct from T2D)
  • Bearing spacers

*Some people (not us) recommend flipping the dif on your own split bus gearbox to save buying another gearbox, but in our opinion this gives a far too tall 4th gear which not only zaps top end power but also make the cooling fan to spin too slow.

Shipping time: 3-4 days.