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1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)
1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)
1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)
1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)
1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)
1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)
1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)
1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)

1967 Mercedes 250 S (W108)


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1967 Mercedes 250S Price: £POA 

Body: Left-hand drive 4-door saloon 

Interior: Original cloth upholstery Engine: 2496cc, in-line 6-cylinder engine

Suspension: Stock, original coil springs 

Brakes: Discs 

Wheel and tyres: Original steel wheels with hubcaps and Kumo 185/70 R14 tyres 

The car:

Old Mercedes saloons simply ooze quality. They were built in the day when cars were made to last, not be disposable items.

This burgundy import has matured like the fine wine its colour resembles (see what we did there?) and is still every inch a quality machine.

It was recently brought over from California, hence the US licence plates, which sport a tag valid until 2018. We’d like to think it belonged to some old boy enjoying his retirement. You know, Hawaiian shirt, white knee-length socks and more interested in playing golf than spending time with his wife and grand kids. The number of golf balls rattling around the gargantuan boot certainly backs up that notion.

What isn’t fantasy is the quality of the metal work. Sunny California has helped keep the rot at bay, but the paint has suffered in a couple of areas. The worst being the bootlid, which has crazed. There’s also a bit of paint fade on the roof, but it’s not so bad that you’d mind. In fact, all of the cool kids would simply call it patina and depending on how you feel about it, you may or may not want to repaint it, just leave the character as is.

All of the trim is present and correct and this is a tidy looking car you could easily smoke around in as is, restore to its former glory, or slam on a set of earlies.

How’s that for a slice of fried gold?



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