1977 Right Hand Drive Late Bay Microbus

1977 Right Hand Drive Microbus

Interior: Original vinyl upholstery

Engine: 2000cc engine

Suspension: Stock

Brakes: Discs Front, Drums Rear

Wheel and tyres: Original steel wheels with hubcaps

The car:

Find another one as straight and clean as this one? Well I am sure they are out but they are certainly far and few between.

This is a UK Microbus, possibly an even rarer thing as most tend to be U.S imports from California. So could this be one of the coolest ways to transport your family around?

This particular microbus is straight and solid and has had a mechanical refresh and a new coat of paint by renowned VW specialist Terry's Beetle services. A genuinely rust free vehicle that has benefitted from a fresh coat of paint. The interior is the original factory black basket weave vinyl and the rows of seats in place this microbus will comfortably seat 7 people.

If you after something practical, something exceptionally cool and with that lovely '70's vibe, this is surely one of the best Type 2 Late Bay Microbus around.

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