1966 13 Window Split Screen Deluxe VW Camper

1966 13 Window Deluxe

Body: Left Hand Drive 13 Window Deluxe

Underside restored and rust proofed

Interior: Bespoke Oak 2 Birth Camping interior

Engine: 1600cc Twin Port

Mechanical Features:

Front Disc Brakes,

Dual circuit master cylinder,

Independent rear suspension (IRS)

Adjustable ride height (front and rear)

Special Features:

Factory Deluxe model, factory supplied with pop out windows, deluxe trim and dash clock.

The Camper

There’s something about the simple lines of a 13-window Split Screen that is hard to beat. 

This is a great base SplitScreen, that is solid and sound with upgrades to now have disc brakes over the standard drums. Independent rear suspension (IRS) with adjustable spring plates. Deluxe trim with pop out windows and the lovely dash clock.


If you have any questions about this Split Screen please don't hesitate to get in contact or 01638 743211