SPECIAL OFFER Bilstein Shock Absorbers Handing Kit - Split Screen

The Type 2 Detectives BILSTEIN shock absorber is the perfect solution if you require more dampening power and efficiency in your suspension setup.

The handling package consists of 4 Bilstein - please check carefully your set up on your van when ordering, if unsure please email us at info@type2detectives.com

The Type 2 Detectives BILSTEIN shock absorbers are fully road-tested for road handling capability and endurance. The benefits of BILSTEIN shock absorbers are:

  • Increased power reserves and service life, even when pulling transporters and trailers or during frequent journeys with loads
  • Optimum adhesion and enhanced lane change stability in both day to day and extreme situations
  • Marked improvement in safety and sportiness without additional spring changes such as lowering your vehicle
  • BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube/Upside-Down technology, made in Germany
  • Road-tested by BILSTEIN and fine-tuned
  • No German TUV registration required
After playing with adjustable gas shocks for years and years we struggled to find a shock which we could adjust to work really well on lowered air cooled VW's.  What we aimed to achieve was a stiff compression stroke whilst retaining a quick, smooth and cushioned rebound stroke. All we could actually achieve on even the most expensive adjustable shocks was a weak compression stroke and a very slow prolonged rebound which often stayed compressed for far too long. 

What we have achieved with Bilstein is a shock that has a very stiff compression stoke which helps eliminate tyre scrub and bottoming out whilst the rebound stroke is quick smooth and controlled.The overall benefit is a much smoother ride and better handling and reduced body roll whilst tyre scrub becomes a thing of the past. 
These shocks really are wonder shocks, the difference in handing and ride is incredible.

Priced for a set of Bilstein Shocks for your Split Screen Camper
There are options depending on your set up so please state your suspension when ordering. Lowered, (drop spindles, adjustable spring plates etc) If in doubt please call 01638 743211 or send an email to info@type2detectives.com

Finally got out in the bus over the weekend after getting the Bilsteins fitted, OH MY GOD!  It's honestly like driving a completely different bus. The awful body roll has gone, and he just feels planted on the road rather than wafting around on the surface of it. 

FYI The previous shocks were all brand new **** shocks. They are completely useless – my 10yr old nephew can compress them as though he’s Arnie. I’m sending them back!!

Chris - Manchester